Understanding The 3 Cambridge Curricula For Secondary Level In Global Sevilla

Choosing the best institution for your children is not a matter of how famous one school is. One of the best things you should consider is the curricula. In this case, Cambridge school Jakarta might be one of the best. You can check Global Sevilla school that provides three different Cambridge curricula for the secondary level students. Here are the details.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint

The first curriculum is available for grade 7 to 8 students. The curriculum itself is the continuation of the primary ones, in which the student who does the programs are assessed. In the lower secondary, the school provides the benchmark and addresses the learning need. Thus, the school will know one’s positive or negative traits across many learning objectives.

Cambridge IGCSE Examination

As the students reach grade 9 and 10, the curriculum will blend with the Cambridge IGCSE examination. The IGCSE is some test that helps find out student’s outcomes and progress during the education years. In this case, the school will use it as the bare minimum and benchmark to help understand student’s weaknesses and strengths in a certain subject.

The Cambridge school Jakarta will set the minimum standard for the subject taken in the IGCSE. During this time, the student should undergo five different groups of study which have different subject focuses. It is also worth underlining that the said exam will also help in preparing the student for the national exams and future studies.

Cambridge Advanced Level A

The continuation of the IGCSE is the Cambridge advanced level A. The student in grades 11 and 12 will get an array of programs and subjects under the said curriculum. In this case, the program itself is only available under the junior college division and secondary school. The program will provide solid ground for studies and more challenging education.

The main reason for the Cambridge school Jakarta in Global Sevilla using this curriculum is to help students prepare for higher education. The use of global standards will help the students to cope with the higher situation and norm for international universities or studies. The school will provide experts or specialized teachers to mentor, guide, or motivate the students.

The different curricula are given to give a more suitable program for each level. In this case, the secondary level is also known as the period when the student has to further develop their skill. At the same time, they will prepare for higher education. That is why the three curricula are given to find out student’s skills, cultivate them, and get accustomed to the international norm.

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